This kind of bitter anti-establishment tones is just so pathetic. Large corporations support large payrolls and their purpose is to make profit. Conglomerates with secure jobs, large pensions & benefits while reducing costs to consumers could not exist without massive funding & profits. We wouldn’t have Facebook/Instagram etc. that support tens of thousands of jobs without Morgan Stanley type of investment banks underwriting it for hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s funny how the developed-world masses, who happen to be collectively the largest benefactors of large corporations & big oil, are the most bitter about the very hand that feeds them. Anybody who misguidedly laments “Shell is making $1.6B in profit.. that’s too much and not fair!” is simply exposing their lack of understanding of economics/macroeconomics.

Not another “want”erpreneur — Seeks efficiency in business, excellence in leadership. CEO & Director of @brixwork. Fitness/outdoors enthusiast and a foodie.

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